Tuesday, 12 April 2016



Welcome to my new blog, I have never blogged before and will be looking to my Stampin up friends and family for advice and support in particular my friend and colleague Sam who has her very own blog.

My blog doesn't plan to be about me I will be hopefully sharing with you the progress of my son Nathan Hill  and Nathan's Craft & Tearoom it is because of Nathan I found my Stampin Up family. I will when I feel confident, will share with you Nathan's story, Nathan has learning disabilities, registered severly sight impaired and has epilepsy.

I plan to blog at least once a week but as I am studying at University, working full time as a neonatal nurse, assisting in the running of Nathan's Craft & Tearoom and being mum to 3 boys I may slip.

Once I get organised I will share with you some of our creations from Stampin Up plus share with you the creations and inspirations from Nathan's Craft & Tearoom.

Find out more about us by checking us out on instragram, twitter and facebook...we also have a web page.